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OOO Trade House "Russian Tea"

Russian Ivan-chai is the largest manufacturer of herbal teas based on fermented Ivan-tea and birch chaga.

A return to the best traditions, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and peace of mind are in fashion. That is why our Vologda Ivan-tea is so popular among Russians, and foreign guests, having tried it, look for the familiar samovar on the package on the shelves of their supermarkets.

“The acquaintance with the Export Support Center and our company Russian Ivan Tea began with the organization of an import substitution exhibition in 2015, where the region’s stand attracted the attention of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. We jointly worked out this event and it was then that our cooperation began - Khlynov Alexander, Development Director of LLC Trade House Russian Tea, Chairman of the Association Ivan Tea Producers Union. - Over the years, we have applied to the Center for translations of our presentations and various materials into various foreign languages: English, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese. I know that we can apply for a translation into any, even the most exotic language. In 2020, the international food safety standard FSSC22000 was introduced at our production facility, 80% of all certification work was financed by the Export Center.

“Alexander Anatolyevich Khlynov is a godsend for the Export Support Center: the coolest “development expert” and marketer,” comments Lyudmila Malovanina, head of the Export Support Center. - Apparently, Ivan-tea gives him vigor and energy to accomplish new things. And it is not surprising that the project for the development of the willow tea industry received the support of the region and went to the federal level. We look forward to opening the Chinese market for our traditional Russian drink!”

Russian Ivan-Tea has many achievements on its account. Products are presented in more than 30 thousand outlets throughout the country. The drink is valuable, because the blends are made with the participation of professional physiotherapists and international level tea-testers. This allows you to get a tasty, healthy and natural drink for every day.

For the purpose of the company, the formation and development of the Ivan-chai production industry as a national Russian drink, expanding the geography of international markets and achieving a share of 10% of the hot drinks market in Russia and abroad.

Support for the projects of the Russian Ivan Chai company is carried out within the framework of the National Project "Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Entrepreneurial Initiative".